Post-Normal Music

K. la Luna and Android M. will be playing on wednesday the 7th, before the gala diner.

We explore music in its capacity to express embodied knowledge of socio-environmental change. As scholars and artists, we are interested in the awe inspiring dynamics of the environment, like the sound of a flock of geese, or the dynamic rhythm of the changing Arctic tide.

We use piano, synth, voice, flute and electronic beats to express this felt knowledge. During the performance we exhibit voice-reactive LED installation costume, conceptualized in collaboration, and created by Canadian artist Bernie Rohde.

Just as Resilience 2014 seeks to bridge knowledge systems and perspective to address complexity, increase resilience and motivate transformation, Post-Normal approaches a fusion of musical composition and scientific experience to inspire empathy and action. We connect science from La Luna’s (Kaitlyn Rathwell) PhD research with artistic expression and collaborative musical composition. 

In this performance we invoke the dramatic changes occurring in the environment and our connection to it. Musically and lyrically, our compositions elicit forms and movement of water; some examples include melting glaciers, waterfalls, loon calls and port towns.

Post-Normal is passionate about advancing the artistic response to environmental change and wants to contribute to bringing aesthetics into how society navigates complex social- environmental changes.

Set time approximately 35 minutes. 



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