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Participant feedback

Here you will find feedback that participants shared trough their own website, blog, platform...etc.


Development AND resilience vs. development OR resilience by Joern Fischer - click here

Resilience: From a theoretical concept towards a global paradigm? Critical reflections on the Resilience Conference 2014 by Friederike Mikulcak - click here

Tell me again, what is resilience? by Kaitlyn Rathwell, Prateep Nayak and Mark Andrachuk - click here

Governance, Resilience, and Planetary Power Grabs by Carina Wyborn - click here

Should we measure resilience? by Allyson Quinlan - click here

Learning from Great Transformations Past and Present - Reflecting on Karl Polanyi at the Resilience 2014 Conference by Julia Day - click here

Reflections on Resilience 2014 conference from development practitioner turned resilience scholar by Jamila Haider - click here

Day 1 at Resilience Conference Day in Montpellier by Romina Martin - click here

Resilience 2014: The opening by Joern Fisher - click here


Planetary boundaries and social justice - Interview with Melissa Leach - click here

How and why: Resilience 2014 in Montpellier - Interview with Francois Bousquet - click here

The perverse resilience of mainstream economics - Interview with Tom Green - click here

Twitter analysis of #Resilience2014 -by Andrew Merrie - click here


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